TESTIMONIALS Tony & Brad, Marketown

By Bakers Delight 

My little brother is a sparky by trade, but there wasn’t enough work for him once he completed his apprenticeship. He came into the bakery for a couple of shifts to earn a little bit of money while looking for another job.

I showed him some baking processes to which he was a natural at. He decided to take a pay cut to become an apprentice again to pursue a career in what he loved doing. We have been working together for two years. In that time, side by side, we have achieved many milestones.

It’s great to see an employee grow and develop, but it’s made extra special when that person is a sibling. He is soon going to take the leap from Master Baker to Franchisee. During his journey he’ll ride the ups and downs of business but with his older brother by his side to lend a hand, I’m confident that he will succeed.