Danish with Nutella

IN THE MEDIA Introducing our NEW Danish with Nutella®

Danish with Nutella

Tasked with finding a way to incorporate Nutella® into a new irresistible product, our extremely talented Product Development Manager, Luke Farrell had a game-changing idea.

Wanting to create a new Danish product, Luke thought the famous Nutella® spread would perfectly complement the crunch of Bakers Delight’s pastry, and he was correct!

Light and flaky pastry with the much-loved taste of Nutella® is a delightful combination, and bringing together the two has resulted in the creation of a simply delicious Danish.

The new Danish with Nutella® will be joining a large range of pastries already available at Bakers Delight bakeries, including our Choc Croissant and Spinach and Fetta Danish.

Our delightful Danish with Nutella® is currently available to enjoy in all bakeries across Australia and New Zealand.