Bakers Delight is an iconic Australian brand, and you can share that success with us. With over 40 years of experience as a pillar of the community consistently delighting customers, we have the right ingredients to get you there. Together.

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  • A brand you know

    We’re the world’s most successful bakery franchise

  • Our bread and butter

    The system we use for franchising is a proven success model

  • Be your own boss

    Own your business for yourself but not by yourself

  • Right to delight

    Take satisfaction when you realise your full business potential

$114k+ average operating profit over a 12 month period

$749k+ average bakery sales over a 12 month period

50-60% bank accredited business model (circumstances may apply)

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  • Turnkey operation where the final ingredient is you
  • Benefit from our 10-year franchise tenure
  • Opportunity for multi-site ownership
  • Comprehensive training & ongoing support

A recipe for success

Just like yeast makes bread rise, our proven training programs and support systems help your career rise too. There’s no baking experience required and you’ll be mentored every step of the way. Our recipe for success includes a combination of online and competency-based training where you are fully supported by an experienced Franchisee, your Area Manager and the Bakers Delight Training Team. It’s this support and our resources that are the right ingredients for setting up a successful business.


Meet Arjun

Meet Arjun, an Air Force technician who decided to take control of his future by starting his own business.  

Arjun began training with the Air Force as soon as he finished high school, investing 40-50 hours a week into his career. He soon realised that spending all that time working for someone else wasn’t what he wanted to do and saw the potential in spending the same amount of time working on his own business. “I felt the harder I worked on my own business meant a greater return for me, that’s what attracted me to Bakers Delight,” said Arjun.

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  • Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Human Resources
  • Production Innovation
  • Technical Support
  • Financial Services
  • Bakery Fitouts
  • Training
  • Supply Chain
  • Operational Support

How we help you secure the dough

Support for our Franchisees comes in many forms. From marketing campaigns and social media support, through to product innovation and local area promotions, everything we do is designed to drive customers into your bakery. We assist in promoting your freshly baked products, so you can focus on delighting your customers, growing your sales and securing your dough!

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The nitty-gritty. What’s required to be a Bakers Delight Franchisee?

  • You need to be a go-getter
  • Able to commit to 16 weeks without pay so you can undertake the full-time Bakers Delight training program to learn all the skills you need
  • Have New Zealand Residency
  • Demonstrate a competent level of English literacy
  • Able to make a significant financial investment – at least 50-60% of the bakery cost
  • Be hands-on – you will be baking delightful bread for your local community
  • A passion for the brand and a desire to be a successful business owner

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