Choc Choc Mud Ice Cream TerrineMud Ice Cream Terrine

Choc Mud Ice Cream Terrine

  • Serves 6
  • Difficulty Medium

Name a better combo than Choc Mud Scones, ice cream and more chocolate! This delicious terrine is a show stopping dessert that will impress your dinner guests.



8 Bakers Delight Choc Mud Scones, halved
250ml (1 cup) milk
500ml vanilla bean ice-cream
125ml (1/2 cup) caramel sauce
1 cup pretzels
Chocolate shards, to garnish


    1. Step 1

      Line a 12 x 25cm loaf tin with cling film, leaving some overhang

    2. Step 2

      Pour half the milk into a bowl and lightly soak one scone half. Transfer into loaf tin pushing firmly into the base. Repeat step with seven more halves, soaking and pressing into tin creating a flat surface. Place into the freezer for two hours or until firm

    3. Step 3

      Remove from freezer and transfer ice cream into the tin. Smooth evenly with a spatula and return to the freezer for three to four hours or until ice cream is firm

    4. Step 4

      Finally, soak the remaining scones in milk and press into the tin. Cover with cling film and place into the freezer overnight to set

    5. Step 5

      Remove from freezer 20 minutes before serving. Unfold cling film, place face down onto serving board and carefully turn over. Gently remove the tin and peel away cling film

    6. Step 6

      Top with caramel sauce, pretzels and garnish with chocolate shards. Serve immediately