Passionfruit and Lemon Tart Recipe

Lemon & Passionfruit Tarts

  • Serves 12
  • Difficulty Easy

A simple, but delicious way to wow your guests this Christmas! Make our Lemon Tarts the centre of your festive table with a show-stopping wreath or simply enjoy them by the BBQ with friends.



12 Bakers Delight Lemon Tarts
1 tbsp fresh passionfruit pulp
1 cup icing sugar


    1. Step 1

      To make the passionfruit icing, mix the icing sugar and passionfruit pulp together in a small bowl using a fork or a small whisk

    2. Step 2

      Once combined and a spreadable consistency, spread over tarts. Allow to set before serving

    3. Step 3

      For a spectacular centre piece, we made a wreath from native foliage and served the tarts on top, nestled between fresh passionfruit halves!

      To make the wreath you will need 2-3 different types of foliage and some florist wire to secure it all together. Start with larger pieces of foliage and shape them into a circle using the wire to secure the ends together. Once you have made a decent, sturdy circle, start adding smaller bunches of leaves and flowers around the wreath until you have achieved your beautiful native wreath. Adorn the wreath with tarts and place in the centre of the table