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Sweet Tweets

  • Yup @regannsuzanne we know the feeling. Our choice would be a mixture of Turkish bread with HEAPS of Chili and Cape Seed Loaf for protein.
    9h (bakersdelight)
  • Hey @TheOfficial2XU thanks for the follow and hope you are hungry, we have some goodies on the way for you!
    14h (bakersdelight)
  • Win a @TheOfficial2XU pack from @bakersdelight on Facebook! T&C's here
    16h (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @PlasticDiaries we think they are pretty fantastic too!
    25 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @nessisms that can sometimes arise from issues with baking, we’d be happy to replace those rolls! Contact us at
    24 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @hayleydrayton apologies, link should work now. Hope you are having a great weekend!
    24 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @hayleydrayton thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'd be happy to replace these for you. Please contact us…
    22 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Got a weekend planned with hungry mouths to feed? Hi-Fibre Lo-GI sandwhich circles FTW #bread #healthy #loafstyle
    22 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Sadly not @StylishKellie because we bake from scratch in our bakeries, we can't guarantee a wheat flour free environment.
    21 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Introducing our healthy #loafstyle range! Take our quiz to match #bread to your lifestyle!
    21 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @luxlifeblog we can bake some fresh for your return! Safe travels!
    21 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Fortunately @luxlifeblog we are open early! How can we help?
    21 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • We agree @mrmikechristian @Rach_Ritt though we are partial to a fresh hot Hawaiian Pizza from our local Bakers. Mid-week, it is the best.
    20 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Happy to be of help @Amaraaaa as long as you can handle bread puns, this is going to work out just fine.
    20 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @jimmddd @jesabeldj @MattGC we'd love more if you'd got them. You are on a roll.
    20 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • Well @Amaraaaa that is perfectly acceptable. Thanks for supporting your local!
    19 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @Frothy_boy Spelt Bread is made from an ancient wheat, and is higher in protein than traditional breads, helping to manage appetite.
    19 Aug (bakersdelight)

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