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Sweet Tweets

  • @lilithia sorry about this. Our bakeries are individually franchised so not all choose to have EFTPOS facilities.
    6 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • We're getting into the spirit of Grand Final weekend! #hawkseagles #broncoscowboys
    3 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • You do the cooking and we'll sort the bread! Go to your local for your Grand Final BBQ needs.
    2 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • @MattGWebDesign if you send an email to our Customer Relations team they'd be happy to help
    1 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • @olli_time cheers! We'll make sure we pass your feedback on to the bakery!
    1 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • Add some spice to your Dinner Rolls. Click here for a quick recipe:
    30 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Dinner Rolls - the smallest member of the Rolls family and (in our opinion) underrated!
    28 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • No matter what the occasion, we'll have a roll to suit your needs this weekend!
    25 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Head to our Facebook page for our pun comp. $100 voucher up for grabs. #ThisIsHowWeRoll
    21 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @julitacf sorry about this. Please get in touch with Customer Relations so they can help fix this for you
    21 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • TIME OUT! Sit down, get comfy and take 5 to increase your #strength #meditation #bakersdelight
    13 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Our Authentic Mixed Seed Sourdough Vienna provides 11% of your daily protein & fibre needs! #health #bakersdelight
    11 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • FACT: Grain foods provide 44.5% of the fibre in the Australian diet #health #bakersdelight @GrainsLegumesNC
    8 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • STOP! Erin Kyna will help you work on boosting your #energy for the week ahead! #meditation
    7 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Two slices of our Chia & Fruit Loaf provides a good source of iron, folate & vitamin E
    5 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Cheers to Chia! Always look for white or black seeds - brown lack nutrition #bakersdelight #health @TheChiaCompany
    3 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @Dean_Nye Bakeries donate leftover bread where possible, but unfort not all have a charity to collect daily. For more
    1 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Cape Seed is packed with omega 3 (ALA), magnesium, protein, soluble fibre & iron #capeseed #health #bakersdelight
    31 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @Edwinsson our customer relations team would like to discuss this further. Please contact them at
    30 Aug (bakersdelight)
  • @kindanotreaIIy weird? No way! We won't make any promises, but we reckon it just might get you over the line and into a bakery ;)
    28 Aug (bakersdelight)

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