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Sweet Tweets

  • A wise choice @Kirbstering though while they are certainly delicious, our Cheese and Bacon rolls are not performance enhancing.
    4h (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @Kirbstering if you were to compare our Cheese and Bacon rolls to a videogame powerup, what would they be?
    4h (bakersdelight)
  • @stevo_em @Frothy_boy good insight, we appreciate the info!
    10h (bakersdelight)
    10h (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @Frothy_boy we find it is a 50/50 split. Our Community team are strictly ‘Toast slice’ people. Each to their own. #🍞
    23h (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @iamcameronjames occasionally we are on a roll. And bread puns are permissible when you wake up at midnight to bake everyday.
    25 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Well @iamcameronjames if you've visited our bakeries, you'll know we also like to say hello…
    25 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • We agree @racheena Blueberry and White Choc Scones are divine. Though we are partial to our Apple Strudel Scones.
    24 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @MeshelandTommy we are happy to help! Shout outs to Bakers Delight Vic Gardens for getting up extra early to bake just for you!
    24 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @The_alexandrino we are just happy to help!
    22 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @nessisms that's caused by a problem with the dough temp. We'd be happy to replace it. Contact us at
    21 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • @_bonnn sounds like grounds for a party to us!
    16 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • @MattDaloisio we will do our best! What’s the first English staple bakery item we should add to our shelves? We’ll trade you a Cheesymite!
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Hey @Michaela0938 everything we bake is sold that day. We’d suggest anything containing custard be eaten the day it was purchased.
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @chelseajclark our scones are a treat, a sometimes food. Berries contain Vitamin C, while Chocolate contains deliciousness.
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Fortunately @MattDaloisio our bakeries are open from very early in the morning! Shame we aren’t in the UK as yet.
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks@fabniall our footydogs are pretty great. Have your tried one?
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • @oheylouis thanks mum!
    13 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • We agree @gallenisgod @NUGGZ26 they are certainly divine.
    10 Jul (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @ryanbrasher_ we try our best. What did you get and what is your local?
    8 Jul (bakersdelight)

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